Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Afro American Horror Story Mixtape blog #4:The Horror

 To me a good horror movie is never about what it seems on the surface. Usually a horror movie is about some social fear or change put into a horror form.Like Frankenstein was really about science turning against man and Jason is based on the serial killers and street crimes of the late 70's and 80's. That's what I love about art, the ability to explain life in abstract ways.

 Right now for the most part it's scary out here for ppl. Money is hard to come by or keep. Me, I'm fearful of not making it and what will happen if I don't.A lot of Afro American Horror Story and Afro American Psycho is me disgusted at the industry and myself for not knowing how to get money from this thing we call music. I'll admit, I'm trolling.I want a response, any response.If you don't love it hate it but, recognize it exists.

 Another thing that has been bothering me is ppl expecting me to snap my fingers and be on MTV,BET, and on the radio.A lot of that has to do with these signed artists being billed as indie while the real indie artists are made to look bad because we're not buzzing like whoever the new sensation is. I can't compete w/ the buzz of some artist with major backing but, I have no choice.That's a horror story for your ass

 The question is how to monetize all the things me and my ppl do.If you don't know, we have a radio show on blogtalkradio called The Evening Erb which comes on Mon and Weds. at 6pm-8pm, We all have solo careers in music, and we all are on social media, out networking, and just doing all we can. A lot of forces in my life want me to give up on music. IDK if my 15 mins are up or if I'm just not doing the right things.While I know this is a hard game I also feel like good music and the right business plan should almost insure some result.

  I just want my shot then I'll shut the fuck up and go to my office cubby at some wack job, but I got to know for a fact there is no way I'm getting in this game. Like 2 days ago I was sick and pissed off at life and ended up on 50 Cent's Boo Boo Tv, Thanks 50 and Paperchaser. The thing is of course being on a blog or site doesn't make you a star or pay you but, it is a sign somebody likes what you do. There are ppl who that never happens to. They drop music and nobody cares at all. I just don't have enough ppl caring.

  For me the 9 to 5 life and that cubby is the scariest thing.Normalcy scares me.Being stuck in one place scares me. The more ppl try to tell me I'm crazy for still trying to do music after so many false starts and let downs the harder I want to prove them wrong and only end up proving them right when things go bad. What do you do when the only thing you ever wanted to do seems like the one thing you can't do?

  I be hearing dudes talking about they just started rapping 2 days ago and got on while I been through everything you can and still can't get a check but, know for a fact I'm talented.Why should I clean bathrooms or punch a clock for life when I got a million dollar talent? I just refuse to quit.I won't be backed down. I would quit if not for the supporters.S/O to all the blogs and sites and ppl who check for me, the rest of you can play in traffic. So these projects are my anger,fear,dark humor, and pain put in musical horror form.
Loch Afro American Horror Story hosted by  coming soon
Oh yeah real nigga rap is back.
Loch – Swimming Pools(Drank) freestyle . Ft. on 50 Cent's BooBooTv

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