Sunday, May 12, 2013

Join Da Crowd : MIXTAPE: Loch - 'Afro American Horror Story' (Host...

Join Da Crowd : MIXTAPE: Loch - 'Afro American Horror Story' (Host...: Loch, DJ Doo Wop, Move Rite and MCEO Ent. present the mixtape 'Afro American Horror Story'.  Check out are review on the pro...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Loch Afro American Horror Story blog #12: Reality Check

  As much as I would like to tell you that my mixtape, that I put blood,sweat,and tears into is doing great, I can't. If you've read any of my other blogs, you may know I've had quit a time getting this mixtape out. The harsh reality is I'm not getting the support I thought I would.Why is that,I can only assume a couple of things.The 1st thing is I just don't have enough promotion on this project.The 2nd thing is maybe the music just isn't appealing to the people, the 3rd is I just don't have a big enough fanbase.I can blame myself for a lot of those things.Of course I think the project is good and some , but not all of my immediate circle think it's good, but the real question is what do the people think.

   For a project w/ no promotion it's doing okay, but not nearly what I want it to do.I know this mixtape will be a slow grind.I planned on getting a timer on datpiff and getting the mixtape sponsored, but I wasn't able to do it before the mixtape release and I felt holding on to the music any longer would kill the project.I am thankful for the people who did check out the mixtape so far.I feel like all the blogs and sites who were supporting songs from the project weren't really feeling me when my mixtape dropped.I haven't got my mixtape posted on any of the sites I sent it to,besides my core sites who really ride w/ me, the sites that formally supported me have not posted my mixtape or music.I got no choice, but to believe those people don't want to support me or this project, and that's their right.

   I can't get mad because people aren't posting my mixtape or music, because those people owe me nothing.It's just a bad feeling when you put work into something and it feels like nobody wants to support you, especially when you have a legendary DJ hosting the project.Maybe the horror concept is too much for people?All I know is I have to get this project heard and listened to and appreciated.It's good quality music.I really thought after all the preperation and songs people understood I was dropping a mixtape w/ the music and they would support it, I thought wrong.

   All is not lost though.The project is still fairly new and I got plenty of avenues to take.I really just wish I knew why these sites won't post my mixtape, but I guess the real question is why should they.After all this time I've put in I still haven't made a big enough fanbase.It's not easy to to get real fans to ride w/ you, but what's easy in life?I'm not complaining or whining, I'm just frustrated, but I got to use the energy to grind harder.

   Right now I got 28 plays and 6 downloads on my mixtape. Not all the turn out wanted, but I'm extremely grateful to those 34 people and I hope they liked it.I guess going back to a blog I made, the music just isn't remarkable enough or at all.I'm guilty of fooling myself as much as anybody, but there's no way of fooling myself into thinking I'm making the best music,and have the best plan, when obviously the numbers don't add up.The game gets harder and harder and people are far less likely to help indie artists these days, especially if they don't see the buzz growing.

   So all I can do is keep working and try to find out what the people want.We are at the whim of the people.They make us and for some reason I'm just not connecting.I guess I don't talk to enough people or the music isn't good to them or both.The reality check is that I got to do 1000 more things than what I'm doing, but due to personal issues, I can't support this how I want.Fuck it though, it's not the 1st project I dropped that hasn't done what I wanted.I won't stop Loch Afro American Psycho is still coming follow Loch Afro American Horror Story Mixtape Hosted by @DJDooWop via @DatPiff DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!! #AAHS