Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Loch Afro American Horror Story mixtape blog 15: #A3C weekend (pics)

  The weekend before last.I had the privilege of going to the A3c festival. It was a great experience.I got a chance to see some good shows.I saw Meek Mill,Ghostface,Sheek Looch,Talib,Roc,Monch,Bun B,BOB,Mikey Alsted,,Maseo,The Combat Jack show and etc.and a lot of locals like Dres The Beanik, Shred The verbal Tongue, Big Rec,Journey Brave,and more

  I met Loaded Lux,JC, and Cortez,(URL/Smack battlers) Combat Jack,Dallas Penn,R.A The Rugged Man and a few ppl I'm a fan of. I also got a chance to see 2 URL battles; John John Da Don vs Cortez and JC vs Rich Dollaz. SMACK!!

  Of course I was out there with my music giving out CDs and networking.Gotta stay on the grind. I wish A3c was everyday.A3c is like a hip hop wonderland and when it leaves it's sad to see it go.I plan on performing next yr and every other yr after that.I hope they keep it going.They changed the format to more mainstream so I'm hoping it keeps it's underground spirit.

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Couple pic:s 1.Cortez, 2. Lux 3. Big Rec of The Five 4. Ms Dia 5. R.A. Da Rugged Man 6. Shred of The Five 7. Combat Jack of The Combat jack show 8.Yung Guru 9. Dallas Penn of The Combat Jack show.10. Journey Brave

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Loch Afro American Horror Story Mixtape Blog #14:Call To Action

Hello.I could use your assistance if you like my music.I need comments,likes,google pluses, etc. on Allhiphop and youtube.Those small things really count in building a's the link to me on the popular website help would really be appreciated.If you want you can copy paste this email and send it to any blogs you visit or put it on all the social networks you're on and Download my mixtape on and comment and can use my profile pictures for instagram,tumblr,pinterest and put the link to my video or mixtape as the caption.Thanks

Also even if you don't like it let me know.I'm all for ctriricism

Loch Ft. @djdoowop "Spaz Out": Official Music video ft on @allhiphopcom

Loch Ft. @DJDooWop "Spaz Out" (official Music Video):

Loch "Spaz Out" Download link
Loch Afro American Horror Story Hosted by @DJDooWop via @DatPiff
Everything you need to know about loch is on his site Thank you

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Loch Afro American Horror Story mixtape blog #13:Pushing on

  Okay my last blog was kind of depressing, but it was honest. I try to be transparent as possible as an artist.I could portray this generic rapper image that everything is all models,molly,and money, but that wouldn't be true. And also it was a ploy to get some sites and ppl to check me out and it kind of worked.My views on the mixtape picked up a little. I, like any artists just wants to be heard and appreciated and make some money off of my art and sometimes it is very hard to be patient at something uncertain.Since my last blog I released a video for my song "Spaz Out" that has gotten featured on a lot of blogs and sites and I'm grateful for that.Thanks to all the sites and ppl who posted my video or mixtape.

  As depressed and un motivated as I can get, I can be inspired that fast.Camps like Top Dawg,Action Bronson, and Joey Badass inspire me being able to make genuine music not conforming and winning. I value all opinions, a few ppl have suggested I tone down and make music for the southern market.I don't have the answers, but from what I see,creating a lane is better than falling in place and I'm just not the type of artist to conform and turn my back on how I see hip hop or at least my hip hop, maybe even to the point of it hindering me.I have made commercial music that really did nothing for me and underground music that has got me more attention, so that's my view.

  Everybody has a different path,opinion, and view and I'm not backing down from mine, because I truly believe in it.I know I have to get my stage show crazy, make better music or a song that reaches a large group, and get some real promo.Until my music has been presented correctly all the way right, I can't blame it on just music or just location.There are a million real world scenarios of why I'm not where I want to be.I'm a lifer to this music game so i'm gonna work no matter what, but sometimes it does seem impossible.

 The smallest thing can mean a lot like the other day a guy left a comment saying I was wack and should stop rapping and I'll never take off in music. I let it rattle in my head and even considered that maybe he's right, then I checked to see if he commented on anything music related and found he didn't, which made me think he wasn't serious, but it still kind of bothered me a little.I left him a comment like I do most ppl who say I'm wack(which doesn't happen often) telling him it's cool if you don't like my music, and it's okay he has his opinion.After I left that comment I got a comment back saying he was just trolling and my song was good.In a nutshell that's the life of the indie artist,constant ups and downs.Thanks

Loch Ft. "Spaz Out" (official Music Video):

Loch Afro American Horror Story Mixtape Hosted by via DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!

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Join Da Crowd : MIXTAPE: Loch - 'Afro American Horror Story' (Host...

Join Da Crowd : MIXTAPE: Loch - 'Afro American Horror Story' (Host...: Loch, DJ Doo Wop, Move Rite and MCEO Ent. present the mixtape 'Afro American Horror Story'.  Check out are review on the pro...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Loch Afro American Horror Story blog #12: Reality Check

  As much as I would like to tell you that my mixtape, that I put blood,sweat,and tears into is doing great, I can't. If you've read any of my other blogs, you may know I've had quit a time getting this mixtape out. The harsh reality is I'm not getting the support I thought I would.Why is that,I can only assume a couple of things.The 1st thing is I just don't have enough promotion on this project.The 2nd thing is maybe the music just isn't appealing to the people, the 3rd is I just don't have a big enough fanbase.I can blame myself for a lot of those things.Of course I think the project is good and some , but not all of my immediate circle think it's good, but the real question is what do the people think.

   For a project w/ no promotion it's doing okay, but not nearly what I want it to do.I know this mixtape will be a slow grind.I planned on getting a timer on datpiff and getting the mixtape sponsored, but I wasn't able to do it before the mixtape release and I felt holding on to the music any longer would kill the project.I am thankful for the people who did check out the mixtape so far.I feel like all the blogs and sites who were supporting songs from the project weren't really feeling me when my mixtape dropped.I haven't got my mixtape posted on any of the sites I sent it to,besides my core sites who really ride w/ me, the sites that formally supported me have not posted my mixtape or music.I got no choice, but to believe those people don't want to support me or this project, and that's their right.

   I can't get mad because people aren't posting my mixtape or music, because those people owe me nothing.It's just a bad feeling when you put work into something and it feels like nobody wants to support you, especially when you have a legendary DJ hosting the project.Maybe the horror concept is too much for people?All I know is I have to get this project heard and listened to and appreciated.It's good quality music.I really thought after all the preperation and songs people understood I was dropping a mixtape w/ the music and they would support it, I thought wrong.

   All is not lost though.The project is still fairly new and I got plenty of avenues to take.I really just wish I knew why these sites won't post my mixtape, but I guess the real question is why should they.After all this time I've put in I still haven't made a big enough fanbase.It's not easy to to get real fans to ride w/ you, but what's easy in life?I'm not complaining or whining, I'm just frustrated, but I got to use the energy to grind harder.

   Right now I got 28 plays and 6 downloads on my mixtape. Not all the turn out wanted, but I'm extremely grateful to those 34 people and I hope they liked it.I guess going back to a blog I made, the music just isn't remarkable enough or at all.I'm guilty of fooling myself as much as anybody, but there's no way of fooling myself into thinking I'm making the best music,and have the best plan, when obviously the numbers don't add up.The game gets harder and harder and people are far less likely to help indie artists these days, especially if they don't see the buzz growing.

   So all I can do is keep working and try to find out what the people want.We are at the whim of the people.They make us and for some reason I'm just not connecting.I guess I don't talk to enough people or the music isn't good to them or both.The reality check is that I got to do 1000 more things than what I'm doing, but due to personal issues, I can't support this how I want.Fuck it though, it's not the 1st project I dropped that hasn't done what I wanted.I won't stop Loch Afro American Psycho is still coming follow Loch Afro American Horror Story Mixtape Hosted by @DJDooWop via @DatPiff DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!! #AAHS

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Loch Afro American Horror Story mixtape blog #10:Thank You

 1st off if you would like an advance copy of my mixtape before it drops hit me on or and ask for it and put #Afroamericanhorrorstory in the tweet/post and  join my mailing list at and let me know you want an advance copy

 So I been banging my mixtape since I got it yesterday and I think my supporters will like it.It came out the way I wanted it to. Now the real work starts. Interviews, mixtape reviews, blog spots, selling cds,giving away cds. I'm ready to grind. I'm gonna do everything in my power to get this music to the most ppl as I can. I don't look at it like I gotta blow up off one project, but a project,video,or song can change your career.I'm a work in progress and the work doesn't stop even if this makes me a household name. I do this for the ppl who love lyrics and the golden age of hip hop.

 Now as far as my supporters as stated in a previous blog I need you all to be very vocal on and offline about this project. I need you to hashtag #afroamericanhorrorstory every time you throw my mixtape in.I plan on dropping it as soon as it's mastered, which should be this week.I need you to play it for your friends and family.I need Retweets,likes,reblogs,re whatevers.I need you to also comment on my youtube videos and like them as well. I also want to know what you like and don't like on here.I got tough skin,I can take it.

  I already sent off the advance copy for review on a couple of sites. Hopefully they will show love and give me a listen and review. I gotta hit these streets hard HARD HAWRD.I want to thank everybody who took part in this project.I want to thank everybody who helped put together  .
Also shout out to Mally G of illegal and Def Squad, Erick Sermon,  RIP Dolla Bill

Once again I really appreciate the support.We here now

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Loch American Horror Story mixtape blog #9: The New Game

  Well American Horror Story the mixtape is finally turned in to DJ Doo Wop and should be out very soon.This has been a struggle getting this project out. Miscommunication and personal issues made this a task. As stated in my last blog, I'm going through some changes, but I've been in worse positions. I may have outbursts of anger, but I do know all you can do is work on changing bad situations. I can be real enough w/ myself to know I have a bad habit of sulking in misery sometimes when things are looking gloomy. Some ppl can just pick themselves up so easily it seems.For me it takes a while for me to not be pissed and angry.

 I'm happy the mixtape is done though.Even w/ all my issues; Financial,relationship etc, I feel better when the music is in order. Now the real work begins.I titled this the new game because it's a new game in music.Gone are the days where an artist who just had good music could get signed w/out having a whole region on lock. The new game is quantity over quality.Singles are what ppl are checking for now.they want a new single every week or everyday if possible. Even making a great mixtape or street album has become an old method.Unless you're well established whole projects are tedious and almost a waste w/out major backing.So after these projects I'm focusing on making a song ppl LOVE, not like , but fuckin LOVE.I'm gonna start by releasing like every song off my projects and trying to push each record that has potential.

  Jay Z warned us of this when he refused to release Blueprint 3 track by track.Even Jay couldn't stop what was happening.We digest music so quick w/out having to pay for shit it's hard to catch ppl's attention, especially when you're up against billion dollar old money companies. I don't have the answers.the only thing I know is make music,perform it, and try to meet as many ppl as possible.Me not being the most social person, has to fight to be more talkative.

  The new game is that it's all on you as an artist, especially if you are older in the game. I can't look for some miracle to occur or for Interscope to call me.It's just not gonna happen no matter how much I would like it to. I have to fight my own laziness. I can have times of great action and then down time, for whatever cause.Sometimes I  get so depressed I just don't have it in me to perform or try to sell myself.I barely want to talk to anybody.I have no choice , but to fight that.Nobody cares about my career more than me.As hard as things are on me,I refuse to let these issues stop me.

Peace.Hopefully the mixtape will be out by my next blog

Loch  – Started from the Bottom Freestyle 

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Friday, January 25, 2013

No Pen, No Pad by: @SirMoe_Atl ft. @SnakezSantiago

Loch Afro American Horrory Story Mixtape blog #9: When who you love doesn't believe in you

   I made my bed and now I lay in it. I live this hip hop shit. I don't work no 9 to 5. I grind for my bread and the grind has collapsed on me. I'm not a spring chicken and the window for me in this music is closing by the second. My life is a blues song. Money fucked up, my girl is done w/ me, and I have to move because I'm not making enough to keep my apartment rt now. Ppl want to know the real Loch, well this is honesty for your ass.

  IDK who's right or wrong but I'm sure many musicians can relate to the war between having a relationship and being a struggling artist. I'm sorry I'm just not a get up and work for anybody person.I work for me. In all honesty I haven't been working hard enough because I have been under pressure from my S/O to get a job and do rap as a hobby.Actually she thinks rap is a hobby for me already. I get her point, but fuck her point.I been rapping all my life w/ varying degrees of success.For me it's admitting defeat to go from doing shows w/ Busta Ryhmes, Bootcamp Click, TI,Banner etc etc etc.(too many to name) to now I gotta report to some punk ass manager named Doug.Man fuck Doug and fuck a job.I need to be selling Cds, doing shows, making plans,writing rhymes,making videos, selling services and etc.There are plenty of ways to get paid w/out a job.

  If your S/O doesn't support what you do it unmotivates you.I got to the point where I felt like if doing something wasn't gonna make me a million dollars it wasn't worth doing. I already got the pressure of being an older MC in a new time and living in Atlanta where they don't even like my whole genre of music, then I gotta come home and hear how I'm a bum and I'm lazy and I don't do shit because I don't work a job.I had way more money than a 9 to 5 worker before late 2009. As a hustler sometimes things will fall apart and hopefully somebody will help you.

  I been with my girl for like 5/6 yrs and was the same nigga I am now when  I met her.She's not the same woman though.She has got a career and went back to school while I struggle in the music field and keep telling her my time is coming. She got tired of waiting.I been tired of waiting, but this is my passion.I'm a free spirit.I won't be couped up in no office or told what to do because I'm a mother fuckin G and that's what it is. I'm also a weed smoking maniac who has social skill issues. That work shit zaps away my spirit.I can't do no job that's not a labor of love.If I can't rap, I  gotta be an actor or comedian.I will not get told what to do by some guy named Doug.Like I said Fuck Doug.Doug ain't done what I done.He has't earned the right to tell a nigga like me what to do.

  Just because times are tough now doesn't mean it will stay that way. Matter of fact I know it won't stay that way because I won't let it.It hurts when ppl you love don't care about what you do and don't believe.I believe that's why a job can suck my dick.Yep I think I'm a fuckin star and I'm not gonna have a fan walk in and see me at the counter checking them out at kroger.I'll live in a box first.I'm a hustler not a worker.If I can't get it myself and I ain't the boss I don't want it at all win or lose.I may be wrong but I feel like your woman should be loyal and ride w/ you no matter what you're doing.If I want to go to Jupiter your ass should get a space suit and say "leggo baby". I expect that because I have made money off this game before, I deal w/ on rappers, I'm ft on popular blogs.I'm dedicated.She thinks because I'm on the CPU it's not work.I been working this net game for yrs.She also says it's not work because I don't get paid for it rt now.The Ent field is work for a large pay off after yrs of free work.That's  the game.

  Bottom line this shit put the fire under me.I have lost everything.My life is really a Horror story but, the show goes on.I got kicked out of my apt and needed somewhere to go to get my shit right and she told me no.Other ppl coming left and right to give me a place to stay but she won't let me stay there because I don't have a job. This move will leave me stuck w/out a way to get money because I will be far out. She lives in an area where I can still function but would rather see me fall than help me.I had to wake up and see she didn't love me. She also thinks I'm too old to rap and makes slick remarks basically saying I won't make it. The sad part is I go hard as I can w/ music to try to get money for us to live a nice life in the future.I told her I couldn't fuck w/ her because she's not down for me 100%. She reminds me of the movie Walk Hard the Dewey Cox story where no matter how much success Dewey got his girl would be saying "You're never gonna make it" after he had a Grammy and was a legend in music already. Do yall think I'm wrong?

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New Loch music "Heaven Knows"