Thursday, January 16, 2014

Loch Afro American Horror Story mixtape Blog 16: Thank you 2

I want to send a thank you to all the people who supported me and my music in 2013. If you've read my blogs, you may know I had a tense year. 2014 has started out great for me musically. I'm already back doing performances. I just did a show with the homie Snakez Santiago. It was his set and I came and did a song called "Pressure Get Thick". That song is also on my mixtape. It was a show with Dungeon family members.Cool Breeze, LiL Will, (who sang "Looking For Nikki", The hook on Jeezy and Gucci's "So Icy" and a few more ATL classics), Slim Calhoun, Green Socks, and a few more. Jawz of Life from The Five was in the building too.I was added to the top 50 indie MCs list for 2013. Then, I found out my song "Dream"s was played on Lord Sear and Rude Jude's show, The All Out show on Shade45. Next,From being on that list, I was played on Sway and King Tech's Wake Up Show on Shade45. They did a show where they played all 50 Mcs on that list and "Dreams" was played after my favorite battle MC Loaded Lux's song. His song features the homie Redman and Method Man. I've always been a fan of The wake Up show so it was dream come true for a hip hop head who used to listen to their mixtapes and shows back in the day to have music on their show. the list had some very dope Mcs on it, so I'm in good company. So Thanks to everybody at Steve Raze,Grouchy Greg, Jigsaw, Skyyhook, Skyyhook radio,Snakez Santiago,Maestrolungs,PG The Great,Moverite,Doom(who made the beat to "Dreams" and other tracks),Sirius radio,Shade45,Sway and Tech, all the blogs and internet radio stations that support me,,Dznuttsradio,,BlankTV,,SDBmusic,,,,Boobootv, and many more.,ast but not least the people out there who listen,support,and encourage my music. Thank you Loch and Snakez Santiago "Pressure Gets Thick" at The Star Bar.Live show [DOWNLOAD] All 50 Artists From AllHipHop’s Top 50 List Get Burn On The World Famous Wake Up Show! Loch Afro American Horror Story Mixtape Hosted by @DJDooWop via @DatPiff DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!! #AAHS Everything you need to know about loch is on his site Thank you (Press kit)