Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Loch American Horror Story mixtape blog #9: The New Game

  Well American Horror Story the mixtape is finally turned in to DJ Doo Wop and should be out very soon.This has been a struggle getting this project out. Miscommunication and personal issues made this a task. As stated in my last blog, I'm going through some changes, but I've been in worse positions. I may have outbursts of anger, but I do know all you can do is work on changing bad situations. I can be real enough w/ myself to know I have a bad habit of sulking in misery sometimes when things are looking gloomy. Some ppl can just pick themselves up so easily it seems.For me it takes a while for me to not be pissed and angry.

 I'm happy the mixtape is done though.Even w/ all my issues; Financial,relationship etc, I feel better when the music is in order. Now the real work begins.I titled this the new game because it's a new game in music.Gone are the days where an artist who just had good music could get signed w/out having a whole region on lock. The new game is quantity over quality.Singles are what ppl are checking for now.they want a new single every week or everyday if possible. Even making a great mixtape or street album has become an old method.Unless you're well established whole projects are tedious and almost a waste w/out major backing.So after these projects I'm focusing on making a song ppl LOVE, not like , but fuckin LOVE.I'm gonna start by releasing like every song off my projects and trying to push each record that has potential.

  Jay Z warned us of this when he refused to release Blueprint 3 track by track.Even Jay couldn't stop what was happening.We digest music so quick w/out having to pay for shit it's hard to catch ppl's attention, especially when you're up against billion dollar old money companies. I don't have the answers.the only thing I know is make music,perform it, and try to meet as many ppl as possible.Me not being the most social person, has to fight to be more talkative.

  The new game is that it's all on you as an artist, especially if you are older in the game. I can't look for some miracle to occur or for Interscope to call me.It's just not gonna happen no matter how much I would like it to. I have to fight my own laziness. I can have times of great action and then down time, for whatever cause.Sometimes I  get so depressed I just don't have it in me to perform or try to sell myself.I barely want to talk to anybody.I have no choice , but to fight that.Nobody cares about my career more than me.As hard as things are on me,I refuse to let these issues stop me.

Peace.Hopefully the mixtape will be out by my next blog

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Thursday, February 7, 2013