Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Afro American Horror Story Mixtape blog #5 Jay Z gave Foxy gonorrhea and is gay?

 First of all, I doubt the story is real or true, but some gossip sites posted a rant by Foxy Brown saying Jay Z gave her the clap, is gay and was having relations w/ Larry Johnson,  did a threesome w/ Jamie Foxx, and is a tranny chaser, and is a chester the molester who took her virginity at 15. The story is not backed up is a yr old and been floating around, and Foxy has never publicly said this so, I'm calling Bullshit on it until varified.Why did I name this blog this you may ask and why am I talking about this?

 Yesterday somebody mentioned this rumor to me on the phone and I googled it and sent the link out to twitter, because I put things on my timeline about hip hop. When I sent the link out I got like 25 retweets fast.It may have even been more. So I asked myself, why is it that everybody wanted to retweet this story but, when I send out my music or freestyles I only get maybe 2-5 retweets and that takes a while to get? There are many reasons for this but, do you really want to know why that is?

 Let's get to the obvious, Jay Z is very famous, One of the best MC's ever, and is married to Beyonce. Now, I would say yes just Jay Z's name caused a fuss and was the reason for the retweets, but I put links to many stories about Jay on my timeline, and they never get that reaction. Now let's ask is my music or product good enough to cause a mass retweet? Not for me to say. Mostly the reaction to my music is positive but, I'm in a small pond so maybe if exposed to more ppl, they wouldn't like me or my music. For arguments sake though, let's say I'm averagely talented, why were ppl drawn to that story more than the constant music, freestyles, and info on my music I put out?

 The answer is ppl love scandal, controversy, and gossip more than positivity or talent. I put the link up also about Jay opening his stadium and there was no storm of mentions and retweets. Ppl love to see a train wreck. We live in a reality show, celeb chaser, prey on my downfall society. So this is leading into why I chose the theme of horror and dark comedy for these projects I'm doing, Afro American Horror Story mixtape and Afro American Psycho.PLUG!!!

  Like I said last blog.I'm kind of a troll. I happen to really love horror and dark humor for real but, I also know these things make ppl uncomfortable, especially black ppl. You have to do something wild in some way to get a response. Nowadays it's more about everything you do when you're not rapping that makes ppl take interest. I want my talent to speak to ppl more than imagery but, it's very needed. Hip Hop has been running some of the same cliche's for yrs. I want to kill that.I want to make something cinematic, horrible, beautiful,grim,and hilarious. I want to go psycho on the game with bars and give ppl a view into my mind. Maybe 1 day if I work hard, make the right music, and form that connection w/ ppl, I will get 25 retweets in 5 mins.

S/O DJ Doo Wop Loch Afro American Horror story Mixtape Coming Soon!!!
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