Monday, December 17, 2012

Loch Afro American Horror Story Mixtape blog #7: Who is Loch?

 Who is Loch and why should anybody care? I feel like any good MC/hero/anti hero/ horror icon should have a good background story. I have been told that sometimes my music is so technical ppl may not feel like they know the real me. I think I have plenty of songs about my personal life but, I have never done a totally personal project. My angle in hip hop has always been that I was a fan of the craft of rapping. Some of my favorite artists, besides Tupac and Eminem weren't really that personal.My favorite MCs of all time have always been the technical Mcs like Rakim,Ras Kass,All the members of Slaughterhouse(besides Budden who's super personal but, still a favorite),Nas,Wu Tang, Monch, Kurupt etc.I wasn't the biggest follower of autobiographical rap. But, I gained a respect for those artists who could bare their souls.

  The other thing is in my own way I feel like my random punchlines, flows, and cadences are glimpses inside my personality and what I'm tuned into. I get a lot of inspiration from real life, but I also get inspired by all high art. I love great story telling and finding ways to talk about something unrealistic, but the overall theme is really a break down of the world.What I  mean is I love how a show like Dexter can be about a serial killer, but regular ppl can relate to living double lives, having pressure from family, and having addictions. Or even parables like in The Bible that are stories that explain some moral virtue.

  I've always been more of a technical MC than a personality or image based rapper. That may be my best and worse asset. It's bad because maybe ppl don't feel like they know who Loch is while I'm trying to have wordplay and be as witty as possible. But, it can be good if I can make something that seems technical feel personal with the right story telling. Even though Afro American Horror Story or Afro American Psycho may not be direct, simplified, everyday life type of projects they're still pieces of my thoughts and my attempt to free my talent. I don't want to just spell everything out.Like any good horror movie or psychological thriller, everything can't be just handed to the audience.

  So, if you want to know the real Loch, do some listening and I believe it's there in my body of work. I do plan on doing something more down to earth than Afro American Psycho after it though. Something more soulful,street, and personal, but until then I got to let my morbid,pessimistic side out. I also feel like I lose some lyricism while trying to be personal because, being personal takes some type of simplicity. maybe I'll just feel better so the music will be more introspective than brooding.Until next blog.peace

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