Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Afro American Horror Story blog #1:That Horror shit ain't swag

  So I am dropping a mixtape called Afro American Horror Story hosted by legendary DJ DJ Doo Wop.I'm making this and the project that follows,Afro American Psycho to be what ppl want from me as an artist and what is true to my talent.No female songs,or club songs,or radio songs just lyrics. I'm not focused on the ATL market so it frees up my imagination.

  It is a return to my battle,Detroit,horrorcore based music.I hate the term horrorcore but, ppl will call it that and it has the name of a Horror show and has horror in the title so I expect that. I'm working on how to properly drop a project.I need reviews from anywhere that will do them,blog posts for the songs,and word of mouth from my supporters.

  The reason why I chose this horror theme is because my youtube freestyles are what draw ppl to me on the net and because I always was slightly horror influenced my name Loch is short for Warloch. As far as the youtube videos they are basically me torturing MCs for 3 verses.Ppl like those freestyles almost more than my music so to avoid doing a project of random battle raps I wanted to put the lyrics to use to paint a picture.it's also cool because this is more my lane than doing radio songs, not to say I won't do any.

 This is meant to be the mythology of my horror icon in a hip hop form.It's more psychological thriller than slasher flick.It's not shock value just because.It's a mirror on the dark side of ppl and seeing how far I can take my craft.

Come to the dark Afro American Horror Story hosted by DJ Doo Wop coming soon.

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