Saturday, November 17, 2012

Afro American Horror Story blog #2:Marketing

  I have learned a lot about marketing through trial and error. Marketing is finding your fanbase and promoting to them consistently with the same imagery and ideas. It's branding and being able to sale products off your brand. This brings me to my new projects Afro American Horror Story and Afro American Psycho. Why have a chosen a TV show and a movie title for project names? The simple reason is I love great movies and TV shows and specifically horror films. While looking up movies and TV shows I realized there was a whole world of TV and movie buffs and they also listen to music. I also love film and plots and wanted my music to be more cinematic.

    Marketing and promotion are the name of the game. As an indie artist w/out a major budget sometimes it's hard to tell if a song just isn't good enough or the marketing and promo just aren't good enough. It's not easy to be unbiased about your own music. You have 2 types of artists, those who love everything they do and those who are critical of everything they do. I think I'm somewhere in the middle, because there are songs I have I don't like and others I just don't understand why they're not hits. I know for me marketing is something you have to do but, how do you market yourself?

 For me like I said I kind of just did things and saw how they worked. The first thing I did in the internet world was Myspace and being on's comment board. Since then few sites will let you promo or spam but, back in like 2008 a lot of artists weren't doing that. I was always actually involved in the conversations and would comment before spamming. i then started doing weekly freestyles to popular beats because there was a freestyle challenge on the board.I kept doing them every week for over a year. What started to happen was ppl started to listen on the board then Steve Raze from Allhiphop allowed me to send him music after politely bothering him for months. Thanks Steve.  I started to notice ppl were peeping my freestyles more than my real music videos and started seeing that ppl just wanted me to spit and be lyrical more than try to make music for the radio. Thanks Youtube.

  So now, I'm doing these projects for the supporters who love lyrics. I'm not easy to market. I was born in Detroit. Michigan and came to ATL when I was about 10 yrs old. Even though I was raised in ATL I always kept my up north attitude and found other ppl who shared some of my background. This led to a false belief that everybody was as diverse as me and my friends, not true. We were from everywhere from NY to Cali and in between so my musical taste is odd.One minute it's Jeezy the next it's Royce or Budden. Sometimes it's hard for me to know what beats best suite me because my musical taste is so scattered.

  What I do know is there are ppl like Loch who love hip hop, music,weed,women, and movies/TV and have dark senses of humor.I only care about the ppl who get it. @loch121

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