Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Afro American Horror Story blog #3:Motivation

   Part of the reason why I chose a horror theme is because at the time my life is kind of horrible. I came up w/ Afro American Psycho first and once I saw the show American Horror Story and realized I could slap Afro in front of it too it became the mixtape and Afro American Psycho is the project that will follow. When I came up with the concept I was at a dark place and still am, maybe even a worse place.I could relate to Patrick Bateman, the star of American Psycho in a way. He was on Wallstreet which was materialistic, greedy, and about decadence. I'm in hip hop which is materialistic, greedy, and about decadence. We both seem to fit in the norm somewhat but, inside there is a certain distance and alienation.Like Wallstreet, hip hop has become so cliche' that everybody looks and acts the same.But, why was I in such a dark place?

  I have never been a 9-5 worker but, have always managed to keep money. I like most of America was doing pretty good for myself until about 2009 when my money got funny and the life I had led was ending. It was driving me crazy to see all the yrs of hardwork just dwindle before my eyes and the more I tried to fight it the worse it got. So you won't hear me talking about balling anytime soon because I'm simply not anymore. The other reason I was in a dark place was that I felt like Patrick Bateman in the sense that he murders ppl. I murder mics and nobody really notices either of us doing our killings or are too caught up in their materialism to even care.

 So yeah instead of this sad "oh I want to rap and I'm depressed" project I chose to do something different that would be entertaining for you and therapy for me. I guess misery loves company because if I gotta feel this way somebody else needs their day ruined by my sickness or somebody in a dark place can hear my music and know they're not alone and get a laugh out of what I'm doing.Money is an issue for most ppl these days and I'm hurting.I want to make a living off of music but, I don't have control of that really. I can only do things I hope will help my buzz and career and keep working.

  It's hard to try to do this music full time, keep money, going back to school, oh and I got a girlfriend(whole blog of itself). Right now I'm living a horror movie facing a total restructuring. I think most ppl at my age facing what I'm going through would give up but, I like horror so I like the torture.

Afro American Horror Story hosted by DJ Doo Wop Coming Soon


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